Executive Summary


     As the world struggles to figure out how to prepare young people for a very different future, we are now seeing, around the globe, the emergence of a new empowerment of school-age kids — often due to technology.  Already today, kids of school age (i.e. 6-18) are accomplishing things in, and for, the real-world that were never before possible.  Empowered kids are already contributing, around the globe, in a wide variety of areas, from kids repairing infrastructure, to kids doing government reports, to kids preserving decaying historical artifacts, to kids designing public amenities.

     By empowering global kids — beginning in the earliest grades — to do real, world-improving projects, we liberate a huge, positive, value-adding global force to improve and help the world.  Empowered kids of school age can help move us forward in environmental, scientific, health, service, and many other areas, and can help us preserve much of our heritage. This could amount to, potentially, an injection of over a trillion dollars of value into the world. Our goal is to be a key enabler of the world’s emerging empowered generation — encouraging and helping them in every way we can to become a global force for good.

     It is now time for the world to compile a database of such projects — both already done and proposed — that kids and their teachers around the world can consult for real-world project ideas and possibilities,  based on age, location, interests and passions.  This is the prototype for such a database — we are actively looking to raise funds to make it “industrial strength.”  We are currently seeking out such projects and kids who have done such projects. If you know of any such kids or projects, please click on CONTACT above and let us know about it.


The emergence of these Global Empowered Kids is leading to a re-definition of “education” for the third millennium.  We see emerging a New Educational Paradigm, with NEW ENDS of BETTERING THEIR WORLD, and having our students become good, capable, world-improving people, a NEW MEANS of  REAL-WORLD ACCOMPLISHMENT, a NEW, EMPOWERING CURRICULUM of  EFFECTIVE THINKING, EFFECTIVE ACTION, EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS and EFFECTIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT, a NEW FORM OF TEACHING, i.e.  COACHING AND EMPOWERING STUDENTS TO ACCOMPLISH, and a NEW, FAR MORE POWERFUL INTEGRATION WITH TECHNOLOGY.

We intend to support such an education with the following program elements:

  • * Creating a global database of real-world projects that kids can do (and have done).

    * Supporting and encouraging global-empowered kids, teams and projects.

    * Uniting the world’s kids and educators around the emerging shared, real-world accomplishment and empowerment-based educational paradigm.

    * Building Empowering Apps  ̶  for increasing kids’ self-knowledge, for connecting kids to projects that fit their passions and skills, and for the missing pieces of an empowerment curriculum.

    * Linking the many existing kid-empowering organizations and programs in the world.

    * Working with schools and teachers to produce more Global Empowered Kids.